To create and sell art works that:

  • Capture and communicate a depth of meaning about the subject matter, beyond the image itself; 

  • Use brilliant colors, perspectives, and contrasts to create a sense of depth and dimension, and a satisfying aesthetic experience; 

  • Express and share my knowledge of and respect for my genealogical history and Italian-American cultural heritage  -- including my love and appreciation of food and wine -- and that evoke the emotions, memories, and sensations associated with those things; and

  • Serve as a visual expression of, and as a vehicle for the viewer to share in, my perceptions of beauty, love, gratitude, and spiritual connectedness.  

 “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.” Marcus Tullius Cicero


Steve Mairella featured on Italian American Power Hour podcast!

Greetings! Hope all is well!

Honored and very pleased to have been interviewed by the incomparable John Viola and Pat O'Boyle about, among other things, my painting and upcoming show, "And Then ... There Was Paint", for the Italian American Power Hour podcast!

If you can spare some time to listen, you might enjoy it!


And Then ... There Was Paint!

And Then ... There Was Paint!