Rosetta's 'Nzerte

Rosetta's 'Nzerte

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Acrylic on Canvas Panel, 14” x 18”.

This painting was inspired by a photograph that evoked beautiful memories for me.

The photograph was taken and shared by my friend and distant cousin, Rosetta Costantino — an extraordinary chef, teacher, cultural ambassador, and the author of a beautiful and authentic cookbook and work of art entitled “My Calabria”. (Check out Rosetta’s website,

Rosetta’s photo brought back vivid memories of my mother and aunts sitting with bushels of colorful peppers on our back porch, stringing them up to dry.

Dried peppers (peperoni cruschi), sweet or hot, and fried until crispy, are among the pillars of Southern Italian cuisine, particularly in Calabria and Basilicata where many of my ancestors came from.

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