The Soul's Code

The Soul's Code

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Acrylic and Collage on Canvas, 32” x 48”

The title of this piece is a reference and tribute to a book by James Hillman that I have found particularly meaningful and influential in my life: “The Soul’s Code: In Search of Character and Calling.

As briefly summarized in 1996 in the New York Times, the book reflect’s Hillman’s

“ … passionate belief in the irreducible individuality, independent of both heredity and environment, of each human being. This core of character is described interchangeably as an acorn, soul, calling, the Greek daimon (''in-dwelling spirit''), the Roman genius (also a spirit, not to be confused with the modern definition of genius as extraordinary creative power) and guardian angel. The acorn-angel is innate and may even ''choose'' the right parents to fulfill its destiny. Opting out of the heredity-versus-environment quarrel, the author contends that behavior cannot be explained even by the interplay of nature and nurture, which ''omits something essential -- the particularity you feel to be you.''

Full size and smaller (16” x 24”) gicleè prints available for purchase on paper or canvas.

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