Tom Ward, Newville, PA, USA

“I have several paintings by Steve Mairella.

1.A large painting of a woman with her back to the viewer with strong back and buttocks muscles balanced by a vibrant red background to her right... giving the feeling of the weight of her responsibilities and tomorrows work.  My first impression was that she was a feminine Moses returning from Mt. Sinai with the burden of leading contentious Israelites into their promised land.

2. My beloved, Bella, our Bernese Mountain Dog, paws outstretched, chin on the floor, and with her eyes following me wherever I go in the room….as if she were alive and loving me. [“Tom’s Berner”, Portraits & Pet Portraits]

3. My grandson, Slater, a young teenager with a broad smile and eyes that sparkle in the sureness of his loving greeting.  [“Slater”, Portraits & Pet Portraits]

4. My twin granddaughters, Becca and Lily, uniquely different and their own persons as reflected in the portrait’s positioning and facial expression. You can see their deep connectedness to each other matched by strong personalities claiming their own essence. [“Becca & Lily”, Portraits & Pet Portraits]

5. The painting is beyond wonderful.   I cannot begin to tell you how much this means to me…..and to my children.   You capture us with our essence coming through your brushes…the happiness we felt on that day in particular but I think a reflection of all our years of living and loving together."  ["Tom & Judy at the Tattoo", Portraits & Pet Portraits]

Feliciano Cirimele, Verbicaro & Teano, Italy

English Version:

“In this Painting Steve, with your paints you have captured the passion of the Calabrian people for Peppers and at the same time the Goodness and Generosity of this vegetable.  [“Rosetta’s ‘Nzerte”, Italian & Italian American Subjects]

“Loved for its Goodness because of its aroma and flavor, it has always enhanced the largely greens-based diet of farmers and peasants.  Loved for its Generosity because it can be used either fresh or dried, and is available all year round for use in numerous dishes: In hors d’ouevres, antipasti, first courses, second courses, side dishes, and as a seasoning.   

“Thank you, Steve, passionate Ambassador of Calabrian Culture and Traditions!”

Italian Version:

“In questo Dipinto Steve, con i suoi colori,  ha saputo cogliere la passione dei Calabresi per il Peperone e nel contempo la Bontà e la Generosità di questo Ortaggio. [“Rosetta’s ‘Nzerte”, Italian & Italian American Subjects]

Amato per la sua Bontà perchè fragrante e aromatico, ha arricchito da sempre i cibi poveri dei Contadini prevalentemente a base di verdure.  Amato per la sua Generosità perchè, fresco od essiccato, è disponibile tutto l'anno per decine di piatti: negli Aperitivi, negli Antipasti, nei Primi, nei Secondi, nei Contorni e come Spezia

Grazie Steve, appassionato Ambasciatore della Cultura e delle Tradizioni Calabresi!”

Ted Zangari, Morristown, NJ

Rosetta's 'Nzerte evokes wonderful childhood memories of my first generation Italian-American grandmother drying peppers each autumn and my uncles debating which of them had grown the hottest peppers (followed, of course, by a dispute over who among them had eaten the hottest pepper).”  [“Rosetta’s ‘Nzerte”, Italian & Italian American Subjects]

Joseph and Mary Ellen Cosentino, Washington D.C

In “Pecorino and Pears”:  Steve’s print reminds me of our shared heritage in Verbicaro, Calabria. Our Italian culture celebrates the wonderful enjoyment of gathering family together and enjoying simple pleasures such as bread, fruit, and cheese. With these essentials we knew that we had “Everything” we needed, as my family often said.

We are hanging this in the dining area of our condo as a constant reminder of what is truly important in life. [“Pecorino and Pears”, Italian & Italian American Subjects]

Anna Lupinacci, West Orange, NJ

"New kitchen art. If you have ever walked a market in La Sila you know how special this painting is. I can’t wait to hang this in it’s new home. And a special thank you to the wonderful artist that created this painting."  [“Rosetta’s ‘Nzerte”, Italian & Italian American Subjects]

Rosetta Costantino, Oakland, CA

"When Steve first showed me this painting I wrote back to him right away and said “Steve, those are our peppers!”.  I couldn’t believe how real the painting looked, and I was delighted that my photo of peppers hanging to dry under my staircase inspired Steve to paint it.  I loved it so much that I had to have one for myself.  It is now prominently displayed in my kitchen, so everybody that walks into the kitchen can see it.  It starts so many conversations with my students, and they all love it too!  Thank you so much, Steve, for painting our “nzerta” di peperoni, it is always there in front of me everyday as I cook and reminds me of our beautiful Calabria. "  [“Rosetta’s ‘Nzerte”, Italian & Italian American Subjects]

Mark Travis, Canterbury NH

“I gave Steve a photograph of my mother and father taken years ago on a fall hike, and what he gave me back is nothing less than their spirit captured on canvas. Not a day goes by when I don't pause to connect with my parents through his painting -- sometimes with a tear, most often with a smile. They are gone, yet they are back. It's such a gift.” [“Marty & Frank Travis”, Portraits & Pet Portraits]

Eric Henry, Naples, FL

“My wife and I are the proud owners of five of Steve’s still life scenes, portraits, and pet portraits, each custom painted for our family.  What makes his paintings so special to us, and to so many, is his uncanny ability to see the nuance of facial expression—and especially eyes—that bring a person or pet to life. It astonishes us, that Steve can do the same thing with an inanimate object such as a pepper, capturing the subject’s ‘soul’ in a manner that moves us whenever we walk past his work in our home." [“Jeter”, “Lucy”, “Ricci”, Portraits and Pet Portraits]